Feb 1, 2011

Mozilla Labs ‘Home Dash’ Add-on for your Mozilla Browser

Home Dash

Mozilla Labs had come up with a new Prospector named Home Dash, it’s an add-on for the Firefox 4 Beta ( Wont work on old versions)  to improve the Browse and Content Search and Content Discovery . Home Dash totally changes the experience and look of the browser by removing all the
standard web browser interfaces like search bar, address bar and tabs leaving only the Firefox logo, which is used to get the Dashboard . Now you can see your Firefox as a  Full screen Browse based Browser, this is the end goal of Hash Dash to make your Browse a fully qualified “Browse-Based” Browser.

When using Home Dash we can see a Search Bar on the left side of your screen and you can see 24 buttons(whatever) which shows relevant content  with preview when searched from the Search Bar which is present on the left side of the screen. You can see the tabs present at the top right corner of the browser, where your filtered tabs will be shown.

Home Dash add-on has some more features which you can try by installing it on your latest Firefox 4 Beta, and also there  is no need to restart your browser after installing the home dash in to your browser. you can get the add-on by visiting the Home Dash add-on page .

Since this is just the first release of Home Dash,  if you experience any problem with the add-on you can visit  Home Dash  Tips and Troubleshooting page.

you can also check out the video below which shows the basics ( requires WebM-video-capable browser )

Video (1:05) downloads: webm (5mb) and ogv (4mb)

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