Jul 18, 2010

How to Convert Traffic in to Money using Linkbucks?

Website URL : http://www.linkbucks.com
Company Name : LinkBucks.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 230
Do you have a website or blog that has Nice traffic rate . Do you want to Earn Money from your website or blog ? if the answer is yes! the Linkbucks is for you .
what is LinkBucks?
Linkbucks is a unique Advertising site which earns us money from the links which are available in our blog or website .
When the code provided by Linkbucks is embedded in our site, Linkbux turns all our blog links into paid links ie. when someone clicks any link in our site they will be shown ads before the actual page and we get paid for that. 

Linkbucks.com program works on a pay-per-click , ie when ever someone clicks a link in our site we get paid.you don't get a lot for one click if you get a lot of clicks then you can earn some good money.Linkbucks also have a referral program in which you should refer other people to use the Linkbucks referral program here you get 20% of the amount your referrals earn through Linkbucks.
How to create link code? 
Simple sign up for an account in www.linkbucks.com.
  • sign in to your account click on "CreateLinks" link.
  •  in CreateLinks page you will have like " Select the type of link you want to create " her we have 3 options ie single link, multiple links, full page script.
single link :
here we should specify our page url in which we are willing to show ads on.
multiple links :
here we can convert every link in a page as paid links just by pasting the html code of page in the html box given by Linkbucks and it will generate a new page foe us.
full page script :
bored of keeping code for each and every link, here is a script by which you can make all the links in a page as paid links all you have to do is past the script code in to every page.
How to see my earnings status ?
you can see your earnings status by going to "Manage Links" page where one can see his daily earning,monthly earning and also his total balance. you can also see the links which are active and which are expired also.
Ad formats available in Linkbucks ?
Linkbux offers different ad formats like intermission,Top banner,pop up and short link ad formats, in which Intermission type ads gets paid more so i would prefer this format.
why we get paid more with intermission ads! its quite simple when users click a link they will be shown a full page ad first by Linkbucks and then Redirected to actual link they intend to go.
The site layout is nice and pays to its users on 1st every month . on my survey on web i got quite a positive feedback about this site , so its worth your time . All you have to do is paste the code given by Linkbucks in to your site then sit back and enjoy money grow in your linkbucks account . When you reach 5$ balance in your account you can request your payout.
Disadvantages :: Some users might feel uncomfortable with ads showing before actual Content pages appearance.
Advantages :: Earn money every time a user clicks links in your blog , the more traffic your blog gets the highest your earnings is.
if you'r a blogger getting nice traffic to your blog, then this Linkbucks program might earn u some money .
you can open an account at Linkbucks here.. Join Now.
P S : Happy earning leave me a comment if you like it ..

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