Jun 4, 2010

How to make money from Scratchback?

I found this website while i was Surfing, Scratchback.com is a Website which allows your readers to give tips or Suggestions to increase your blogs performance , Every time a user gives a Tip U earn money from it , Its up to the Blogger (Blog owner) to decide the cost for the Tip to be Displayed on his Blog or website. In Return the Reader(Advertisers) gets to keep a Link or Image on your Blog.I think this is a good Procedure as it gives something to both the Blogger and the Reader(Tippers) to be Happy About
Now lets come to the Design Part of the Website,Its Design is Pretty Simple and not much of eye Dazzling,it is simple and Attractive.
Another Thing to say is the Loading time of the Website since it does't have too much Images and Stuff Therefore its Loading time is Quick.
Now Coming to the Links Present on the Website,There are Totally of 9 links and are very simple to understand Links are Home ,FAQ's,Custom Widget Design,Create your own Top Spot! etc.Although they are not Offering Custom Designs Now ,The Designs available to us to choose are Eye Catching.The Link to the Custom Widget Design is Here.You can see the Sample Designs in the below Figure.
The Navigation through the Website is nice Since it takes less time to load there wont be any Waiting for the page to load.
Now Coming to the Focus of the Website Here the Welcome Page it self has the Content Specifying What exactly the site is About and its intention was.
With a Headline of " Have A Website Or Blog? Accept Tips From Your Readers! Let Them Scratch Your Back! " There It Self Says its Intention.
Let us Now Discuss About the Content of the Site " scratchback.com ", The Content Surely Matches its Focus.In my point of View it makes a good Sense,The Content is very simple to understand Even if u have any problem or if you have any difficulty in understanding stuff you can check the FAQ's Page.In my opinion the First page itself says a lot about the sites content.If u want to Register here you can Sign Up Here,its free to Register.
The Writing Style of the Website is pretty neat and understandable.I think its simply a Professional look.Are u thinking of giving your website or blog a little different and money earning too,then this is it.Even though how much you earn depends on at what rate your sites Traffic is,its always a good thing to keep a widget that was fun & Money earning is'nt it.
To my extent of "Grammar Knowledge",I had not seen any Grammatical Mistakes spelled.
Now coming on to the Sites Message , as i have already told you it Stands up to the mark.
The Blog Intended Audience are the one having a Website or Blog and are looking to get some tips from the Audience(Readers) to improve their blog and also to make some Money,The Website is Reaching its Intended audience .
Now about the Author Jim Kukral Who is a online marketing veteran, speaker, author, web entrepreneur and blogger.As i had read he is a expert in building websites and solving problems of people in projects.you can see his Details Here.
The main Advantage to the site is its content Display, as far as i'm concerned this is a pretty good site to try and it deserves a good number of users.
ps::  if you have any experience with this site feel free to comment below... happy blogging..

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