Aug 28, 2010

Top 5 keyboard shortcuts you should know in Windows XP

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Windows Xp after its release in August 2001, through its Journey over the years had become the mostly used Operating System on the planet with market share of over 50%. i myself am a big fan of Windows XP, as it is very easy to use and
does not put to much pressure on the processor. Most of the Users of XP only operate it by Mouse and doesn't know how to operate it by Keyboard. most of the time using mouse is ok, what if your mouse is malfunctioning or your desktop icons aren't visible to you when you are in middle of a work. we can overcome this situation by simply using keyboard shortcuts available for XP.

 Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts :

  1. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC : This will open " Windows Task Manager " in a pop up window, this is mainly use full for closing any applications that are not responding or making windows to Freeze. if you are facing problems with your mouse or with your desktop icons, you can simply open task manager and go to file and click on New Task(Run...) a pop up window " Create New Task " will open. then click on " Browse " button , now you can open any program by simply clicking on it. another method is to open it by typing the location of your program yourself. ie if you want to open C Drive, type " C:\ " and click ok. This shortcut has also another alternative ie " CTRL+ALT+DELETE " which does the same as above.
  2. ALT+TAB : This keyboard Shortcut is used to switch between different items (programs). when many programs are running on your system like browser,any game,My Computer at a time, it is very irritating to shift between programs by always minimising or closing the program. by using this shortcut you can easily shift between programs.   
  3. SHIFT+DELETE : Bored of deleting items both from their location and also on Recycle Bin, this keyboard shortcut can delete the data or item permanently from your Hard Drive. Be careful  on using this shortcut, the item once deleted cant be restored back.
  4. Windows Logo+R : " Run " in windows can be used to open a program, folder, or website. we can access it by simply clicking on windows " Start " button, the alternate way to access is by pressing these keys on the keyboard.
  5. ALT+F4 : We can close any program window  by simply clicking on close button, we can close any window and even heavy programs like games with this shortcut. this makes the programs to force close.
I'm using these keyboard shortcuts in my daily life, these are very helpful to me in many cases. i hope you like my post
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