Aug 24, 2010

How to get paid for tweeting on twitter?

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So,you are here to know how you can make money from twitter. is it really true that you can make money from twitter? Yes! you can. this can we performed by joining program called Sponsored Tweets.

About Sponsored Tweets. 

 Sponsored Tweets is a program introduced by IZEA which is a social media marketing company. Sponsored Tweets is a advertising platform of twitter where, twitter user can earn money from the tweets they submit on twitter page.Sponsored Tweets is a media which connects twitter advertisers with tweeters, here advertisers create sponsored ads which are to be displayed by the tweeters who are willing to display  sponsored tweets on their twitter page for compensation.
Details :

Website URL :
Company Name : Sponsored Tweets
Alexa Rank : 6,490
Whois : Public
Twitter page URL :
Instructions :

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  1. sign up for an account on sponsored tweets, it's free . fill in the required information in the form and submit.
  2. once you got access to your account  you are asked for keywords for the tweets you submit and also for the amount you charge per tweet. 
  3. go to my account, here you will see an option like "enable clickwatch" check it. activating it will make advertisers more attracted towards you. this option will always analyse the click rate and messages you to retweet it if necessary.
  4. you should also see and change the amount you charge per tweet  here in this page.
  5. you can see the opportunities offered by advertisers in the "opportunities" page.
  6. you can withdraw your amount when you reach $50.00. we can also withdraw amount before we reach 50 Dollars but by a $2.00 fee.
  7. you must have more than $2.00 to withdraw amount as $2.00 is taken as fee if we withdraw amount before reaching the minimum amount of $50.00.
Note ::  you must have a minimum of 50 followers, 100 status updates and your twitter account must be 2 month's old to get advertisers offers, as if you fail to qualify any of the above mentioned you wont be visible for advertisers when they search for one.

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