Aug 22, 2010

How to Get Paid for receiving SMS ads on your mobile ?

Hai guys, I had Received a Message from my friend asking me to Join this website , So i decided to see whats so exiting about this site . I had Registered first to know more about this site from within . I found some Interesting Points about the site , which i would like to share with u guys...

What is mGinger?? is a website which pays you for sending sms ads to your phone . A max of 10 ads will be served for day per user , we can select from 3 to 10 ads per day . mGinger will pay Rs.0.10 For every sms it sends to you , Now you may think that what will you make with this less amount of money offered for sms , here is the best part u can refer your friends to sign up to mGinger by that you get Rs.0.10 for every sms read by ur friend and Rs.0.005 for every sms ur friends friend reads . In this way, if you refer 10 people who will refer another 10 people each you will be getting Rs.1,860 . I dont think this amount as a small one what do u thik..
Alexa Ranking :: 16,067
Indian Rank :: 1,083

Minimum Payout of mGinger?

The minimum payout that mGinger pays you is Rs..300 . you can also request big amount from mGinger if u hava Balance.

Features of mGinger ?

  • We can set from what category we would like to get sms ads from , We can also set time limit for Receiving the ads . I had my account time set from 5pm to 10pm to Receive sms as i'will be free at this time . with this we wont get irritated with sms when we r in work Right!!!
  • Send free sms to your friends and Save your mobile bill .
  • Download Free games , Play and have unlimited fun with friends.
  • you receive money to read sms , so u can reduce ur mobile bill charges.

Membership Types ?

mGinge has two types of memberships ie

1)Silver Membership::

once you register with mGinger with minimal mandatory details you will be a silver member where mGinger pays you Rs.0.10 for each incoming SMS and Rs.0.005 for every SMS that your friends receive ie who are in your network.

2)Golden Membership ::

Once you complete all the profile details and verify your mobile number and email you become a gold member. When you upgrade to GOLD membership you will be paid Rs.0.20 for every sms that you receive and Rs.0.10 for every sms your friend receives.

Disadvantages in mGinger ?

  • one disadvantage is you can only earn hand full of money if u take it seriously and try your best to get some good amount of referrals back of you.
  •  i don't know if it really pays or not but i my search over web if found some info that mGinger really pays.

My opinion over mGinger?

my opinion is simple as it is , Join the site and have fun .I feel no harm in Joining the site , and also its worth a try of ur luck , who knows u may be payed sooner than u really it is in action since some time i think we can count on it , and i heard some good talk about it in web , if your not sure u can do to .
if u like the site and would like to Join , Register Here

Note :: this is my personal opinion abou the site , i wont bear no responsibility if ur not payed or suffer any kind of damage.

p.s :: leave a comment here if u get payed ...

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