Aug 20, 2010

How to make money from NeoBux Site?

Do you want to earn money through internet ? want to get some extra dollars to your pocket ? then this article is for you.Now a Days internet is playing a major role in both sharing information and also giving users some thing to earn on it.Among the many ways of
money earning options on internet, PTC (paid to click) is one of the risk free way of simple money. although many of the ptc sites are coming and going out of service (ie scam sites), only some of them
are standing tall and are legit. One of them is the which is paying its customers what they have earned.
  • first go to the address on your pc's browser and click on Register link and Sign up for an account .
  • Opening an account in Neobux is completely free of cost, you just have to fill the registration form and submit it once your account is activated you can start earning immediately.
  • Now log in in to account and start clicking ads. you will be given around 4-6 ads per day.each ads gets you a $ 0.01 which means if you click 4 ads per day you get a total of 0.04.
  • you will sometimes get ads that get half of the actual ad amount ie 0.005, though it is limited to 1 or 2 as far as i'm concerned.
  • you can finish clicking all the ads within a time span of 10 minutes, all you have to do is take some time from your daily work to click these ads. Thats it...
  • if you go on clicking 4-6 ads per day you will be left with only $1.2 to 1.5 per month  which is quite less money for a whole month of ad clicking, due to which we also have referral program by which you can rent members or refer people to join neobux site.
  • if referring people to join in neobux is not on your hands, you can rent referrals in neobux by using the amount in your Rental Balance, you should deposit balance in to Rental balance either from your Main Balance or from other sources like paypal, alertpay etc.
  • you can get a minimum of 3 Referrals pack and a maximum of 100 Referral pack from neobux, each referral costs 0.25 per month.
  • when ever a referral of yours views an ad you get $0.005, in this way you can earn from sides.
  • Do, not spend all the money in your Neobux account balance, in order to renew or recycle a referral you need balance in your account.
  • Renew or recycle options are use full to you if any of your referral is inactive on clicking ads, in this case you can recycle him for a new referral it only costs $0.08.
  • Auto pay feature in neobux is most likely to talk about, when ever a referral clicks an ad in his account his rental history is extended to one more day. in this way you can keep the referrals who are active in your referrals.
  • you can always upgrade to golden member which costs $90.00 the main advantage of golden member is you can rent far more referrals than standard membership (ie limit of 500 Ref).
  • though this method takes more time to make good money, it is the best way to make money through internet without spending even a penny.
  1. you should daily click ads on your account in order to get paid for your referral clicks.
  2. your account will be suspended if it is inactive for more than 30 days.
  3. here in PTC the main key is patience, if you had it then you can earn if not then this is not for you at all.
  4. if you have any other doubts on neobux you can always see its FAQ's page.
  5. Don't create more than one account, or else your account will be deleted or suspended.
ps :: Happy earnings to you all...
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