Jan 26, 2011

Samsung to reveal its Next-Gen Galaxy S Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung again came with another surprise after the huge success of Galaxy S, and this time we know that “Something Big is Coming” .

Samsung has announced its Release of Next Generation Galaxy S phone in its Samsung site. Samsung is going to Unpack its long rumored Samsung Galaxy S2 at Barcelona on 13th February, 2011 before Mobile World Congress this year.

The Samsung Website showing a picture of Samsung Galaxy S at one side and Mysterious Device on the other side. Showing the Caption of “ EVOLUTION is FATE “ on the Mysterious Device.

The phone is expected to run Android 2.3, 8 megapixel camera, LCD flash and Super AMOLED display according to Macworld. The first preview of teaser will be available online from 1st February this year.

What do you think, does this release on Feb 13th, is going to bring changes to the mobile market.

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